Performance of equipment, no matter how innovative, is only as good as the service and support it receives. Our equipment and personnel are ready to go 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we bring a grass roots style of service that otherwise seems to have been forgotten.

For unmanned projects we ensure our equipment achieves peak performance with weekly inspections provided at no additional cost.

In large, our equipment is designed and fabricated at our facility. We also service all of our equipment from top to bottom, in house, to ensure the equipment arrives on site-ready to go.

We are committed to quality, we know our equipment inside out, and it reflects in its performance. Our knowledgeable and experienced service is one of the big contributions we can bring to your project.


At Cuttings Edge Energy we have encapsulated our continual quest for innovation in a single phrase, “Tomorrow’s Thinking Today.”

Our management team has been at the innovative forefront of fluid recovery and drill cuttings management since 1997. We have an unwavering commitment and drive to lead the industry with cutting edge innovation that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

“Ongoing research and development that leads to the realization of improved performance is a very large part of the enjoyment in this business.” At Cuttings Edge Energy innovation is not a job, it’s a passion.

Rest assured, our experience is bringing the latest innovative technology to your project.

Commitment To Excellence

At Cuttings Edge Energy we want to build long term relationships with our customers. Relationships that are united by quality, where we work with producers to provide economical and environmental solutions to support a long lasting relationship. We are a privately owned company, the customers requirements drive  our decisions, and we commit  only to projects that we can provide our undivided and personalized attention to, from beginning to end.