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Bundled Systems

We are eager to work with you to determine service and equipment requirements that will have the largest positive impact on your overall project cost.

In addition to the value recieved from the performance of our products, the savings on time and transportation will provide a significant contribution to the overall project bottom line. During the developmental phase we carefully considered how to minimize the transportation footprint with our loads as well as reduce set up/tear down timelines. With our expertise in transportation and field service, we have developed equipment that will ensure you recieve unrivaled value.

Our experienced team has had significant exposure in most drilling applications. Some of these applications include shallow gas, tight shale gas, heavy oil, conventional oil, coal bed methane and potash. We have carefully tracked cost effective value and equipment performance in all applications and have the knowledge to assemble a system best suited to your project. A system that will improve the project bottom line while minimizing the projects’ environmental footprint.

Improving your overall project cost is our goal. Cost effective quality and planning is how we are going to achieve it.

Please contact us for more information.

Mud Vacuum

Our powerful, user friendly vac units provide a clean, safe work environment when drilling with oil-based drilling fluid. They are fully automatic and have remote on/off capability.

Our vac units are also designed to contain & recover their own exhaust oil & any spill that may occur on the units themselves.

The following items are included with each unit;

  • (1) 2” valve manifold
  • (1) 2” multi-manifold
  • (1) 3” discharge hook
  • (1) 3” 50’ camlock hose
  • (2) 2” 50’ camlock hoses
  • (2) 2" 30' camlock hoses
  • (1) 2" vacuum wand

Each unit comes with 150' of electrical cord and operates on 480v 3-phase power.

Wash Gun

Our washgun units help maintain a clean, safe working environment when drilling with oil based mud systems. They are also used to keep shaker and dryer screens from blinding.

Our washguns have spill recovery containment, any spillage or filter cleanings etc. are contained and recovered.

Each unit comes with 150' of pressure hose, wand, and operates on 480v 3-phase power.

*Remote on/off switches are also available for already crowded mud tanks.

Sample Washer

Our sample washers provide a clean, safe method to wash drill cutting samples. They are easily rigged up with only an air hose required for operation. It can be shipped and operated inside our combo container for faster set up and tear down timelines.

As an option, they are a lightweight design that allows them to be moved to more convenient locations on the rig if desired.

Each unit comes with 150' of air hose and requires (1) air coupler connection.

Fire Extinguishers

Our wheeled fire extinguishers may be shipped individually or in our combo units, which provide a smaller transportation footprint and a safer method of transportation, from location to location. They are available in the following sizes;

  • 150 lb. Wheeled
  • 300 lb. Wheeled

Our technicians complete frequent and thorough inspections to ensure certification and operational requirements are complete and up to date.

Sorb Roll

Sorb Roll provides a safe, clean work environment by absorbing tracked oil and settled vapors. It provides excellent traction and works well in places such as the mud tanks, rig floor, dog house, pump house, work benches and well-site trailer entrances.

This product can be shipped individually or inclusive of our combo units, which are fitted with convenient roll out spools for this product.

Combo Unit

We understand that time equals money. Our combo unit serves to save on transportation as well as set up/tear down time and cost. It contains oil based support equipment in a heated, well lit, safe environment. It is fully self contained for spills and comes with fully equipped parts cabinets to support the equipment aboard. The equipment aboard has designated positions and is fastened properly for safe shipping. It is a one touch, roll off option, that provides quick and easy set up of support equipment.


The combo unit comes equipped with the following items;

  • (1) Mud Vacuum (with hoses, wand, discharge hook and manifold stations)
  • (1) Washgun (with remote switch and hoses)
  • (1) Sample Washer (with air hose and fittings)
  • (2) 150lb. Wheeled Fire Extinguishers
  • (1) Fully Stocked Screen Rack
  • (1) Sorb Roll Spool
  • Stocked Parts Cabinets

Each unit comes with 125' of power cord and operates on 480v 3-phase power.

Shale Dryer


Our shale dryer comes equipped with the following;

  • Fluid Pump with continuous run capability
  • Shale Tank or Drainage Tank
  • 5m3 Insert Tank
  • Adjustable manifold assembly
  • Shale slides are designed to handle 1 or 2 shakers. They are fully adjustable and fit the smallest to the largest of mud tanks.
  • The insert tank has a built in steam coil to keep fluid from becoming too viscous during winter months.
  • Shaker is equipped with a quick change screen system.
  • Screen rack equipped to optimize recovery through variations in cutting size and drilling speed.
  • Equipped with lighting to ensure operational efficiency and a safe work environment.

By using a unique solids removal process developed by our team, our technicians are trained to optimize the system throughout the course of the well to ensure maximum clean fluid is returned to the active drilling system, while maintaining dry stackable drill cuttings.

Each unit comes with 125' of electrical cord and operates on 480 volt 3-phase power.

Shale Auger

Our shale augers are useful to assist in maximizing the operator's time management. It safely moves drill cuttings from the dryer face and prevents flow back. This process allows the operator to rest or complete other tasks during fast drilling situations, such as lease/road maintenance, unloading trucks, and moving pipe or pallets etc.

Each unit comes with 125' of power cord and operates on 480v 3-phase power.

Shale Tank (Low Wall)

  • Removeable End Gate
  • Adjustable Slide Port
  • Sloped Side Walls

Shale Tank (High Wall)

More often than not, two highwall tanks are required for cuttings storage, our tanks ship one inside the other to reduce transportation costs. Two tanks can be transported on one load.

25m3 Drainage Tank

  • 4-Sided Solids Containment
  • Zero Machine Entry
  • Gravity Drain Fluid Recovery
  • Washover Protection
  • 3" Fluid Pump & Hoses

25m3 Mixing Tank

  • Low Wall
  • 4-Sided Sealed Containment
  • Zero Machine Entry


30m3 Mixing Tank

  • Low Wall
  • 4-Sided Sealed Containment
  • Zero Machine Entry
  • Designed to Hold the 25m3 for Transportation


80m3 Storage Tank

  • High Wall
  • 4-Sided Sealed Containment
  • Zero Machine Entry
  • Large Capacity Storage


Tank Farm

Single compartment horizontal double wall 110% containment tanks are designed to have all fluids going in and out of the top of the tank, giving the customer a fully contained tank and eliminating the need for berms. As well, there is a drip pan on the front of the tank to ensure even the smallest of drips from hoses are contained, making the tank a very environmentally friendly unit.

  • 80 cube Primary Tank
  • Both Primary and Secondary Tanks Air Tested
  • Baked on Powder Coat Paint Finish
  • Ladder/Roof Platform c/w Sliding Handrails
  • Fall Arrest Roof Cable (full length of roof)
  • Sloped Skid
  • Fully Supported WF Skid
  • 2- 6" Schd. 40 Bollards Front & Back
  • Front Drip Pan c/w Bar Grating
  • 24”x36” Roof Manway
  • Dip Port
  • Thief Hatch
  • Flange for electronic tank level monitor
  • Vent Line
  • Fill Line c/w Butterfly Valves/Camlocks
  • Circulation Line c/w Butterfly Valves/Camlocks
  • Suction Line c/w Butterfly Valves/Camlocks
6kw & 30kw Light Towers

6kw & 30kw Light Towers

  • Terex  AL4000 Portable Light Tower
  • Kubota liquid cooled diesel engine
  • Standby - 13.1hp @ 1800 rpm, prime - 11.7hp @ 1800 rpm
  • 3 cylinder, 1.0L displacement, 60Hz engine/generator
  • Fuel tank capacity: 30gal, 60 hr runtime capacity
  • 6kW standby output generator, 120/240VAC - 50/25A
  • 4 light fixtures at 1000 watt each - metal halide
  • 360 degree rotation with locking system
  • Individual floodlight circuits with 15A breakers
  • Operating weight: 1870 lbs.
  • Mast stowed: 170 x 49 x 68 inches
  • Light Tower rental includes ground plate

Splitter Panels

Our splitter panels provide an economical solution to enduring the cost associated with a genset when ample power is available but receptacles are limited.

These metered panels are also a transformer and provide multiple 120v & 480v receptacles with individual breakers.

Each unit comes with 125' of power cord and operates on 100 amp, 480v, 3-phase power.


We have a number of transformers to meet with your project power requirements. Our transformers range in size from 75kva to 225kva. The voltage ratings are as follows;

  • 600v-480v step down
  • 480v-208v step down
  • 480v-208v/110v step down

If we dont have it, we can configure a unit to meet your needs.

Each unit comes with 30' of power cord and operates on 100 amp service.

Please contact us to determine your voltage and kva requirements.

Case CX145sr Excavator


Excavators and operators are available for onsite project requirements. Our operators are trained to support all activities typically completed with a loader. It has proven to be a safer and faster alternative to a loader. The following description provides details on some of the functions and items included with each unit;

  • Hydraulic quick attach pallet forks with dual pipe grapple
  • 42" smooth mixing bucket
  • Frost bucket
  • Corked tracks (seasonally)
  • Provides optimum mixing, resulting in minimal stabilizer usage
  • Reduction in waste and stabilizer logistics costs
  • Superior to a loader in mud and tight areas
  • Eliminates product tracking and open ended tanks on location
  • Pull stuck vehicles
  • Septic and rig isolation ditches
  • Lease and road maintenance
  • Unload pipe and palleted products far quicker and safer, resulting in transportation savings

Well Site Trailer


We also supply well-site trailers. Our well-site units may be provided as a separate rental item or to support our on site operators. Our units comply with all regulatory requirements and are C.S.A. approved.

General Description:

  • Building Dimensions are 12' x 60'
  • Office area plus furnishings
  • Living area plus furnishings
  • Kitchenette plus furnishings
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • Three piece bathroom
  • Satellite Dish
  • Flat screen television
  • Surround sound stereo system
  • Air conditioning...and much more.

Please feel free to contact us for further details.



VCD Fluid Recovery & Waste Optimization


Cuttings Edge Energy’s VCD System provides industry leading fluid recovery and dramatically reduces disposal costs resulting in outstanding savings for your project.

Benefits of Adding a Cuttings Edge Energy VCD to Your Project

Recovers Engineered Drilling Fluid
Untreated cuttings are saturated with drilling fluid. Make-up of this fluid is not only costly, but also represents added unnecessary disposal costs. We have demonstrated that while recovering significant fluid we are able to maintain mud integrity expectations.

Lowers Number of Disposal Loads
Because the solids are more stable, the volume of cuttings loaded for transport and disposal can be increased. More importantly, the addition of sawdust is unnecessary (outside of cleanup-which is minimal with the Cuttings Edge Energy Closed-Loop Handling System), as surface section and centrifuge underflow waste can both be stabilized with processed drill cuttings from the VCD.

Lowers Total Disposal Volume/Weight
With the drilling fluid and stabilizer removed from the cuttings, the overall disposal volumes and/or weight is reduced. As the volume and/or weight is reduced, so are the disposal costs fluid we are able to maintain mud integrity expectations.

  • Able to ship waste to nearest facility
  • Only stabilized cuttings to be transported off location
  • Less overall trucks on the road
    • Less if any make up oil
    • Sawdust
    • Waste Loads
  • Additional savings relative to the price per m3 of oil
  • Reduction in Carbon Tax Footprint
  • Product is stock piled and processed at intervals during drill process and does not directly affect drilling operations maintenance.


  • Footprint: 10'6"W x 32'L x 15'H (Patent Pending Design)
  • Efficient Dual 30UP Premium, Inverter-Duty Motors (Feed Capacity up to 60 TPH)
  • Gear Box Variable, VFD Variable - Differential Speed, VFD Variable
  • Direct Drive (no belts & sheaves)
  • Independant Flight Screen differential
  • "Greased for Life" Gear Box (eliminates oil pump, reservoir, filtration, flow switch and pressure switch
  • Explosion Proof VFD Control System with HMI Interface